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High End Jewellery Product Photography

Do you have high end pieces you want to showcase at their best? YPMedia is here to make sure each selection you offer looks like it’s worth every single cent of its price tag. When choosing a professional for your jewellery product photography, you need someone with experience capturing the small, sparkling details on a grand scale.

At YPMedia, we help make even the smallest, most delicate pieces look larger than life with professional lighting, backgrounds and dynamic angles. Creating that excitement and drama around your pieces is what turns your customers from saying “oh that’s pretty, wonder how much it is?” to “I have to have that!” As any seller of luxury items knows, this is the phrase that translates to sales because the customer is no longer looking at price.


The Art of Product Photography Jewellery

When creating product photography, jewellery offers some specific challenges. First, there is often a high amount of detail in a compact space. Without skilled artistry and proper equipment, it’s easy to make a $10,000-piece look like something that fell out of a cereal box because those details will get lost.

Secondly, background, setting and props are a special consideration for jewellery product photography. Jewellery requires an uncomplicated background that still conveys richness. YPmedia often uses solid white space as an alternative to the more dated velvet and satin backdrops. This allows for a more modern look and even greater emphasis on the jewellery itself.

Thirdly, because even the largest pieces of jewellery are still small compared to many other photography subjects, it’s important to have a photographer who specializes in and understands this type of product photography. Toronto based, with over three decades of experience, YPMedia makes it easy for local and national jewellery sellers to get the high-end photos they need in order to sell.

Visit our portfolio to see more examples of our jewellery product photography and what we can do for your pieces. Use our easy Contact Us page to request a consultation!



This past June I celebrated the most important day of my life! My wedding day couldn't have been captured by anyone better! I want to thank Danny Pollack and his team for being so incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. I can't stop watching my videos and seeing every little detail I was too overwhelmed noticing the day of. I would recommend you and your team to anyone looking for the same experience I had! 10/10!

Wedding Video


A must have videographer on your wedding! What we liked the most about him, is that he treated us as his friends and not clients. In other words, we weren't "another" client, but a special one! The service itself was quick and efficient. Responsive to any concern or idea. Without him, we won't have our best day of our life captured as beautifully as he did!

Wedding & Engagement Photography


Superb service! We enjoyed working with YP media during our engagement and wedding photo shoots. The guys brought out the best in us and were very keen on the "perfect" pictures! Thanks amigos and we look forward for many more photo shoots!