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Wedding Photography

Months of planning, great expense and a lot of hopes and dreams go into the making of a wedding day. While getting the perfect dress and venue are important, it’s just as important to choose a photographer who’s able to capture that perfection on film.

Professional Toronto Wedding Photographer Services

When choosing a toronto wedding photographer, you want the assurance that you’re getting a professional who has close ties with the venue and surrounding area. With YPMedia, you get this and so much more. Our wedding photography team has worked in all the major venues of the city along with lesser known spots, scenic outdoor settings, and destination weddings.


Getting to Know Your Venue with Your Toronto Wedding Photographer

All too often, couples will choose their location without taking into consideration how certain settings will look on camera. When you combine this with an inexperienced wedding photographer, you compound the problem and end up with bad lighting, awkward compositions, clashing colors and other issues associated with a poorly planned wedding photography shoot.

YPMedia’s experience with a wide range of venue types have given us the knowledge and superior skills necessary to plan ahead to avoid disaster. We pride ourselves on being able to make any location work to your advantage. When you choose YPMedia as your wedding photographer in Toronto, you’ll get:

  • Superior, professional-grade photography equipment
  • Knowledgeable photography team able to make you shine even in less than excellent lighting conditions
  • Experience with a wide range of venue types and settings
  • Exceptional attention to detail to capture all those large and small moments that will make your photos even more special


Experienced Toronto Wedding Photographer

With over three decades of wedding photography experience, YPMedia is Toronto’s premiere source for photographic excellence. We pride ourselves on our ability to take each couple’s preferences and transform them into a beautifully connected, visual story of their wedding day and who they are as a couple.

We encourage you to look through our extensive online portfolio to get a feel for what we can do for you. To schedule an in-depth consultation, please visit our easy Contact Us form.



This past June I celebrated the most important day of my life! My wedding day couldn't have been captured by anyone better! I want to thank Danny Pollack and his team for being so incredibly easy to work with from start to finish. I can't stop watching my videos and seeing every little detail I was too overwhelmed noticing the day of. I would recommend you and your team to anyone looking for the same experience I had! 10/10!

Wedding Video


A must have videographer on your wedding! What we liked the most about him, is that he treated us as his friends and not clients. In other words, we weren't "another" client, but a special one! The service itself was quick and efficient. Responsive to any concern or idea. Without him, we won't have our best day of our life captured as beautifully as he did!

Wedding & Engagement Photography


Superb service! We enjoyed working with YP media during our engagement and wedding photo shoots. The guys brought out the best in us and were very keen on the "perfect" pictures! Thanks amigos and we look forward for many more photo shoots!